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About Us

The Idea

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The award winning Funky Voices ® was founded and launched in 2007 by
Sandra Colston (Musical Director) …to meet a need in the community for something fresh and new, a choir that sing modern music that can be enjoyed by everyone, no audition and no experience needed.  

Funky Voices sets itself apart from other community choirs offering singers a multitude of varied experiences ranging from once in a lifetime performance opportunities, chances to travel the world and also take part in the recording of albums. Every singer has the fantastic opportunity to learn up to 50 songs per year, perform at over 100 events, tour and compete in music festivals local and worldwide, record multiple albums for iTunes, appearances on TV and radio and perform alongside hugely established music artists.  All Funky Voices singers are given these incredible opportunities, although everyone is more than welcome to take as little or as much out of their experience as they would like to.



The Sound

With passions for vocal harmonies, and personal influences being the likes of; Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson. The aim is to bring a similar vocal energy to Funky Voices… From emotional rich harmonies to feel-good dance tracks, our repertoire includes: Take That, Michael Jackson, Queen, Whitney and Stevie Wonder, making it an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone.  Rather than soloists/limelight/dance actions, we concentrate on the choir creating a wall of sound, energy and passion, with all personalities shining through. 


The People

Funky Voices™ is not a 'conventional' choir being open to 16 ages to 100 who come from all walks of life, who meet up to sing weekly, and although most members are not trained singers, together they make a wonderful sound and are full of energy (and laughter).  Members are encouraged to sing/perform with their own personality and steer away from a cloned look.  Some join purely for singing, others for the social aspect too, and many because of the exciting sound the collective voice makes. 

The Effect

Joining Funky Voices helps you to gain confidence both on a personal level and as being part of a rich wonderful sound of voices.  Whether you are a member of Funky Voices™ or a member of the audience at any of our many gigs or competitions (awards HERE), you will experience a fantastic feel-good factor and be buzzing all the way home. As a member you will have so many opportunities including events events in the UK as well as tours abroad if you wish, but there is never any pressure.  We aim to meet the community and their needs and also raise money for charities in the area and beyond and will continue to do so.


Not sure whether it's for you… see our FAQ PAGE 


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