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Do I need to be a great Singer?

You don't need to have any experience, just an enjoyment of singing and music. We teach by ear and you'll be amazed by how quick results are achieved.  You don't need to be a singer at all, and no-one is listening to individual voices, we create a "wall of sound"

Do I need to be able to read music?

We don't use music notation or terminology, so there is no need to read music... easy!

Do I need to be able to dance?

We don't have choreographed dancing or gimmicks.  We encourage singers to show their own personalities and create their own heartfelt movement, whatever that may be.

What is the cost?

The first night is completely free so that you can see if we're the choir for you. There is no pressure or hard sell, we leave it to you to contact the office if you would like to join where we will happily answer any questions and sign you up. Terms run on a rolling 12 weeks basis and are payable at £109.20 (inc vat), this covers your membership as a Funky Voices singer including the 2 hour weekly rehearsal. Payment is made for each 12 week block, refunds are not made for sessions missed by members, but you are welcome to make sessions up at other Funky Voices groups whenever you can so you never miss out. We run throughout the year, except 2 weeks at Christmas and bank holidays, you'll receive invoices that show all the dates.

What kind of commitment do you expect?

Take as much out of Funky Voices as you want… all gigs, tours, competitions, workshops and rehearsals, or just rehearsals every week, or the odd gig, it's up to you.  Performing within the gigs is such a buzz, often members say they didn't have any intention of performing when they joined, but are now belting out at every gig. We offer members so many exciting opportunities including tours, competitions and concerts both in the UK and abroad, so far we have performed in Paris, Berlin, New York, Ireland, Barcelona, Turkey, Latvia, Corfu, Sweden and Bruges.  Again... there is no pressure.

What happens in a rehearsal?
  • All rehearsals are taken by qualified experienced tutors, who also bring their own style to Funky Voices.  Throughout your membership you will meet the tutor team.  This keeps a fresh feel to the learning process and the choir itself.  
  • Each group has a maximum of 80 members.  You will need to choose whether you would like to sing in one of 3 sections; top, middle or bottom, depending on the pitch you want to sing.  (men are automatically within the bottom section)
  • All our venues have ample parking and are easy to find, some have bar/drinks facilities, all are chosen for the choir and its needs.  All have disabled access
  • You can expect to learn/go through 3 to 7 songs per rehearsal.  Examples of types of  artists/songs we sing are: Queen, Michael Jackson, Take That, Supertramp, Bruno Mars.  
  • We stand for rehearsals, which helps towards the energy, but you are more than welcome to use the seating too as some do already.
  • Rehearsals are 2 hours long and the first 15 minutes is often used as time for members to get to know each other, any announcements etc.  There is generally a break of approx 10-15 minutes in the night also.
  • If you can't commit regularly but still want to be part of Funky Voices, try our workshops HERE or Classical Voices monthly choir HERE

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